Riis Park  – now this is my idea of Recreation (on a local level). This is the beach I head to when I don’t want to drive too far. Check out how nice it can be during the week (this is at 10am, so don’t think I was there at the crack of dawn). Imagine – a beach in NYC looking like this?! Photos with my iPhone using Hipstamatic.


The concession and bathroom area:


Lifeguards after their morning run:


Plus, walking on sand is good therapy for my damaged feet:



14 thoughts on “Recreation

  1. I just don’t get a mental picture of a beach when I think of NYC, this has really enlightened my view of your home. Love the pinkness of the bottom pic and your slender feet.

  2. I like this series of photos and the fun processing. The one of your feet has such an ageless appeal! I like the pilings or whatever it is to the left side of the image. I can’t quite put my finger on what it is I think they bring to the shot but when I try to imagine it without them, the image becomes less interesting somehow. I’ll have to think more about this!

  3. These are great. I learn so much about the world from following 365 people. I had no idea that there were beaches in New York. Looks great (and the feet pic really made me smile!).

  4. I like this series, the squareness is great, as well as the processing to make it seemed dated. It is odd to see this as a NYC beach in summer with so few of people.

  5. My favorite time at the beach as well….I’ve actually been to this beach on more than one occasion many moons ago!

  6. A great series indeed. More and more I like square-ish crops and the app gives such a great feel. I’m surprised and glad for you that such an empty beach is right in the city. Hope you get lots of walking in warm sand therapy.

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