A cold Italian ice on a hot summer day – definitely Soothing. These ice guys were heading into the Prospect Park after they had been stopped by an inspector (see the woman in green trailing behind them). These inspections are a new thing and people seem to think that it’s the new, fancy food trucks invading the neighborhood (dumplings, cupcakes, frozen yogurt, etc.) that have increased the inspections.


15 thoughts on “Soothing

  1. I wonder what two guys on the phone are chatting about – giving a heads up to fellow vendors about the “surprise” inspection?

    A true slice of life photo.

  2. They’re all looking pretty jovial, they must have passed muster. Were they selling hot dogs, they likely would have passed mustard, but they’re not.

  3. an exceptional capture of everyday life in the city, their colorful carts are eye catching. you have overall top notch composition, look at the cars parked along the street, the line of trees on both sides of the sidewalk. thanks for sharing this one is special.

  4. I think I need one from each of these guys…96 degrees here and w/ the heat index it is supposed to feel like 108, ugh!

    I love this street scene…you are capturing the streets of your city magnificently!

  5. Competition is tough! I think I will buy mine from the guy who isn’t on the phone or drinking Gatorade. I think his product is more genuine.

  6. How lucky to have so many food opportunities in the city. I don’t think I could choose just one flavor as they all sound good. Spose you take your chance with food safety but then that’s a given no matter where you eat…even a relative’s house!

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