Yes, it’s a picture of Jackson in my hydrangea.

Why is this under “Wet” you ask? Oh, Jackie – you didn’t! Oh, yes, he did!


12 thoughts on “Wet

  1. Oh no….you watered the poor cat? I am surprised he isn’t jumping for your face lol I love those kitty expressions! “REALLY”?

  2. no way he could hide there,,,,,
    as long as it’s not his regular spot it will be OK for the plant. My dog used my giant poppy a bit to much so I had only one flower this year. So much for not being able to walk the dog 😦

  3. Well, you know, we humans like a decorated restroom…cats are no different, I think! He’s also trying to give you the cold shoulder for disturbing his toileting with a photo op!

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