I can’t believe my baby is TEN years old today. In honor of Jackson, I offer 10 photos of one of my favorite subjects (and at least some of them were taken this year, so that I stick with the challenge).

Playing dead in the yard because he doesn’t want to come back inside

Playing dead in the yard because he doesn't want to come inside

A double decker of cute:

Not quite ready to explore the great outdoors:

Getting to know a baby Stella Mozzarella:

When I moved from one place to another, I wanted to put Stella and Jackson someplace safe from the movers where he wouldn’t be scared. I set them up in the walk in closet – with food, toys, a litter box, their favorite beds and brought them both in with their carry-on bags and unzipped them. When the movers left, I opened the door and found that Jackson had jumped into Stella’s bag and squished himself in on top of her. She was giving me a look like ‘can you believe this nonsense?’. My boy is a scardey-cat (and, yes, I now know how to fix the problem with the eyes, but with 10 photos to post today, I don’t have time to edit them all).


He used to love to climb in the tub and drink water from the faucet:

Jackson and Phantom (Stella’s predecessor) used to have some hilarious smackdowns, but they were very good buddies. His whole personality changed after she  died. He became a lot more afraid, but also a lot more gentle and affectionate.

See – they really did get along:

Perfecting his “money shot” on the couch:

On his 5th day home:

12 thoughts on “Ten

  1. Bravo! And happy birthday to dear Jackson, happy birthday to you! Sure enjoyed these glimpses into his life and look forward to more. Phantom was a striking calico. She reminds me of the alien on Star Trek that had the split color face, though she was gorgeous and the alien was not.

  2. Happy Birthday Jackson! Love the trip down memory lane. the ninja battle with phantom was a familiar sight when our kids were young. Jackson drinking from the tub faucet must be a boy thing, our Jack still does that. The moving day shot is perfect the way it is reflection and all – adds to the trauma he experienced.

  3. Love something about each one of your Jackson photos and have a hard time choosing a fave. I do love the money shot and that last one where he is squinty-eyed upon being awakened prematurely from his beauty sleep. The photo on the doorstep has superb composition and execution. Oh…I just love them all! Happy Birthday!

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