I am back from my mini-vacation. Three days at the beach in Ocean City, NJ. Here’s the view from the boardwalk one morning. (p.s. I agree with Steven’s comment – much better enlarged)


15 thoughts on “Vacation

  1. Fine, now I’m going to be humming Palisades Park all evening. I really like the shot, and especially the border treatment.

  2. Hope you did some relaxing on your trip! I love this view….the wide angle and that sky and framing all go together so nice! This is wonderful!

  3. great image – very creative camera angle the way the ferris wheel appears to be balancing on the boardwalk railing combined with that beautiful skyline!
    hope you used plenty of sunscreen.

  4. It has to be enlarged. It has to be! Great perspective and edge treatment. The sky color is so vivid and deep. Hope you took more images down on the boardwalk.

  5. Fantastic sky. Your processing makes those clouds stand out so well, the perfect backdrop to the finely traced wheel.

  6. I really like how you processed this one Gisele! My family will be spending a week in OC in August, we love it there as a vacation close to home…… have you been to the 59th street pier? A great photo op! SSSHHHHH!

    • Thanks….I had never been to OC before. It was great – especially because it was super hot last week (well, this week would have been good too). Of course I had to leave town to have wine with dinner, but that’s okay. I have never been to the pier. Hopefully you will post some shots of it.

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