On Saturday I went to the Red Hook ball fields – soccer fields which are also locally famous for their food trucks (authentic papusas, arepas, horchata, etc.). I did get some food while I was there (yum!). I tried practicing my motion shots with the soccer teams. Those shots were not so great. However, in typical “Gisele style”, I became friends with the Haitian soccer team and ended up taking some photos of them. These guys were a lot of fun. I’ll try to go back and work on my motion shots, but in the meantime, a few portraits of the Team.

This guy was a natural model – and a good soccer player.

A quick rest

Here is the coach and an adorable kid (not sure if they are father and son). This kid was hilarious. He kept wanting to see the photos and the coach and I would say “Who’s that?” and he’d scream “Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” I predict a future soccer player in the making….and a heart breaker….kid is CUTE!


15 thoughts on “Team

  1. Terrific portraits…and that little boy looks like a lot of fun! Not familiar with those food choices so I’ll have to take your word that they are delish.

  2. The ‘Gisele’ style of taking photos is really getting results! I think I could learn a lot from your methods, these shots are really fresh and ‘spur of the moment’ and I like them a lot.

  3. Wonderful portraits. I love the last one–the kid is just SO engaging, and there is clear affection between him and the man.

  4. the best photographers make friends of their subjects and this is so true of your images they look right at home with your photographing them. very well done even if your motion mission didn’t work out this time. lol.

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