A man leaving the courthouse in Manhattan. A court appearance is definitely an Obligation. This is the New York County (aka Manhattan) Supreme Court. The inscription at the top of the pillars reads: “The True Adminstration of Justice is the Firmest Pillar of Good Government”.


17 thoughts on “Obligation

  1. Those columns are so massive making him the little guy. The way he is running out of the frame makes me feel that if he were on trial he got off…

  2. Love this great picture, I am with jackscrap: There is a story in! The man coming down don’t seem to be very happy. Reminds me just a bit of Franz Kafka’s “The Trial”

  3. Something about his posture, the weight of the bag on his shoulder, and the fact that he is alone walking down those ponderous steps suggests defeat or at least deep weariness.

  4. Great repetition in all those steps and pillars. I think the guy is a defense attorney and just had to go tell some lies in order to defend the client he knows is guilty. Guess I watched too much footage of the “trial of the century”! Anyway…great composition too!

  5. Do I detect a bit of Topaz on the steps & columns? It’s a perfect choice for this…makes the whole thing look gritty and adds to the sense the weight of the world is on his shoulders.

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