Everything about this little bird house is Crooked. I love it!


16 thoughts on “Crooked

  1. The patina on the house is terrific, I really like the blurred out pattern of the tree trunk in the background, and the bokeh behind that. If the bird house had been stolen and moved to that location, it would even add to the ‘crooked’ theme.

    As much as I love urban phototgraphy, I think this is a new favorite for me.

  2. Sweet…you’ve posed it nicely. something about the textures and focus makes it look like a drawing done with oil pastels.

  3. When I saw your image an old TV show came to mind “Axel and his Dog”. Axel was know to say on occasion: “Birdie with the yellow bill. Hopped upon my window sill. Cocked his shiny head and said. PeepPo”

  4. Nice one, Gisele! The browns and greens of the background serve as a canvas for the Mustard colored house.

    Is the hole in the house crooked? 😉

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