I love this giant plant in Green-Wood Cemetery. You can read the story here. I used Topaz Adjust “vibrance” filter + onOne frame.

Here is another shot, with my iPhone and Hipstamatic on the same day.


14 thoughts on “Plant(s)

  1. Interesting to see the two completely different effects. I like the shadows of the leaves on the pot . . . I wonder how a high contrast black and white would look . . .

  2. My fav is your first image, have never in my life seen a potted century plant in a cemetery. Kudo’s for your spotting this.

    Thanks for using topaz adjust, now you have me hooked 😉

  3. As an iPhoneographer, I might be prejudiced, but I prefer the bottom shot. The plant stands out more from the background, and there’s a certain spooky it-might-be-alien quality to it.

  4. Wow, that is some plant! I like the top one best today, though closer to Halloween I might favor the bottom. So Mexico is buried at this spot? That’s been kept out of the paper.

  5. Both these photos are really interesting – great shape to that plant. I’m loving all the hipstamatic photos that have cropped up on flickr and in blogs. I guess cell phone photos are the latest artsy photo trend.

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