I did it! My first panning shot that actually worked. Inspired to try again after coming home from a composition class at B+H, I decided to try to get some taxis in motion. I did this in Shutter Priority mode with f22, 1/15 sec and 100 ISO. I’m glad I kept trying. Over and over and over again. It’s not perfect, but it’s WAY better than any of my previous attempts. This one is for Julie 🙂 


15 thoughts on “Panning

  1. Excellent job!! Love the bright color to really show it off too!! Lucky you at B&H for a class!! I just ordered a lensbaby from then. Still don’t have it yet though. I could have had you pick that up for me, probably would have gotten to Canada quicker that way! lol. Fantastic job!

  2. What a fun fun photo. I only tried panning once & it was so cool to do. don’t know why haven’t done it again

  3. Totally NYC! Great subject and a great result. I wonder if anyone has panned a pan being thrown or falling from a building?

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