The Letter H…. for Hotel. Here is a quick shot I grabbed with my iPhone of the Hotel New Yorker.  Not only is the hotel called “New Yorker”, but what’s that building in the background? The Empire State Building. How much more New York can you get?

This was iPhone with Hipstamatic. Brought into Topaz Adjust and finished with “psychadelic” filter. I would have cropped this differently, but with Hipstamatic, you get what you get (or you’d lose the framing). I still like it.


15 thoughts on “The Letter H….

  1. This turned out great! I’m always impressed by the quality of the photos you and Bobbie get from your iPhones. My Android doesn’t do nearly so well (maybe it’s operator error??)

  2. Gorgeous! I love the effect and the framing!! I have tried taking pictures with my iPad and using the fun apps but they come out crappy! I love what you are getting. My next phone might be an iphone although I love my blackberry. lol

  3. Or Q for quintessential! Hipstamatic can create pretty rough images, but that’s kind of the point…it’s instinct photography.

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