A Side Project

I see a lot of weird stuff – most of it in NYC. I’m going to post some of them from time to time. Unlike this blog, “Some Other Stuff” will not be daily, won’t fit into any themes, won’t have pictures that were all taken during this calendar year, will contain photos that are not “good photos”……….and it won’t be appreciated by all audiences. If you have “delicate sensibilities” and are easily offended, don’t visit me there. If that last sentence made you want to visit even more, well then, come visit me here, put me on your Reader and look for some occasional posts.




8 thoughts on “A Side Project

  1. My sensibilities are of the most delicate nature and I am most easily offended. Therefore I choose to bookmark this new endeavor of yours as a way to enlighten and educate me in the ways of hedonistic debauchery that will balance my normal prim and properness. Fire away. 😉

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