The Letter S…

…is for Stella Maria. It’s also for Six. Stella Mozzarella turns six today. In order to celebrate her birthday, here are six shots of Stella:

Inspector Stella checking out the plants I had just potted. She needs to check everything out.

She is a great protector and companion. Here she is keeping me company while my foot was in a cast. She follows me everywhere I go. She also is an expert bug hunter and guards the perimeter of the yard.

Maybe I should have seen this as a warning!

Here she is on her very first day home, trying to get my attention.

Baby Stella already working her poses. She’s very dramatic.


13 thoughts on “The Letter S…

  1. And a Happy Birthday to Stella Maria from Stella Joy! Am sure you two would feel like kindred spirits with your similar coloring and names. May you enjoy many more years of mischief and juicy mousies.

  2. Happy birthday to Ms. Mozzarella! She and Jackson celebrate birthday’s fairly close together so it must be one continual party at your house!

    I like her formal, top portrait the best, followed by the last image of “Kitty with the cocked head.” I like how she is in the screened window enjoying what looks to be a fine fall day.

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