Group or Groupings

These Groups of statues are part of the mausoleum for Charles Feltman. Who was he? He was a businessman who amassed a large fortune from his properties in Coney Island. He is often credited as the inventor of the hot dog- because he was the first person to put the sausage in the bun. There’s an interesting story about Feltman and the other (more) famous Coney Island hot dog vendor, Nathan’s. Read it here. Moral of the story: There’s money in hot dogs!

And the other three:

I don’t have a good photo of the whole monument, but here’s one I took in bright sunshine:


12 thoughts on “Group or Groupings

  1. Oh man…I wish I would have invented the hot dog! 🙂

    I love the grouping of the lovely ladies…the textures and beautiful faces make these very interesting!

  2. I’ve actually heard of this man – he’s got some babes watching over him.
    Your middle photo is my favorite – I love your composition. Looks as if you are enjoying exploring black and white posts – love it!

  3. Wow, there sure does seem to be some riches attributed to hot dogs! I heard that Mr. French’s crypt is made of solid gold mustard seed.

  4. This pretty much defines “ostentatious.” I like the top one the best with its high contrast and gritty texture: it looks like an ink print.

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