You know what I find Heartwarming? The NYC skyline. Whether it’s from Brooklyn, driving over a bridge on the way home, or from an airplane…..this is where my heart is (even on the days when the city kicks my ass, which it can sometimes). I had so much fun taking this pano with my iPhone that I’m going to go back and try it again from a different spot soon.

iPhone + Photosynth iPhone app (free!), cropped, Topaz Adjust spicify.

18 thoughts on “Heartwarming

  1. I feel the same way about the Chicago skyline….

    This image is stunning! Great stitching, and such nice, rich colors. Amazed what you can do with iPhone photos.

  2. This is SPIFFY with all capitals intended! It almost looks fisheye with the warped fence, so I expect a pano every Friday from now on.

  3. Yes. You’re right. I left NYC in 1979, but it’s still home. I lived in four of the five boroughs (and married Queens) and there is no city on earth like NYC. It’s a fantsasigal place (and, yes, I just made up that word) and I think everyone should be able to live there once in a lifetime. I can’t anymore–I NEED space and trees and such–but I am ever so grateful to have known NYC from the inside. I look forward to your photos because they show the heart of a true New Yorker. This one just blows my mind. It should be made into a poster. It IS New York,

  4. Best iPhone photo I’ve seen!! Now, can you tell me a little about what is in the midground–the concrete pad jutting out into the water, for instance, with the black framework on it?

  5. Cool. Very cool.

    When we went to Florida last month, we made a connection in Newark. The view of the Manhattan skyline was awesome enough from there and had us wanting to plan a trip. My kids have never been to NYC…..

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