Every day, no matter the weather, you can find what we refer to as the “Spandex Posse” in the park working on their Fitness. 


21 thoughts on “Fitness

  1. Hey! You seem to have this panning thing down pat now. Great streaking of the colors and light in the background to emphasize the motion. Nice and sharp subject too. You’ll have to give some of us a workshop on this technique. 😉

  2. Cadel Evans, the Australian winner of le tour de France will be riding in Melbourne this Friday, all those riders were an amazing display of fitness in spandex. I love this pic because it almost looks as if he is riding just above the road surface.

  3. We have all these Lance Armstrong wannabes here that make life miserable for a truck driver. Your pan sure makes them look better than they should be!

  4. Hey, I wasn’t done!

    I also wanted to add that I think you chose the right crop for the image, allowing plenty of room in front of the bike for the bicyclist to ride ‘into.’ Kudos! (Now I’m done.)

  5. Keep practicing! I did a fun shot of a taxi a few weeks ago while coming home from a class at B+H. They told me to start at 1/15 or 1/30 (in Tv, of course) to get normal traffic. Since they bike guy had just come off a hill, he was probably doing 20+MPH.

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