Mouth Watering

Mr. TS Eliot loves his Greenies. Can’t you tell he thinks they are Mouth Watering?


Update: I fixed the Greenies link.


14 thoughts on “Mouth Watering

  1. Great catch, Gisele! My boys like the Greenies, too, and demand them twice a day. However, if I were to get this close to one of them for a photo, they would stop whatever they are doing and come see what I’m doing. I like your floor, also.

    • I have some extreme close-ups of kitty noses for the same reason. I love the floor – this one isn’t mine, as I was at TS’s house, but mine looks exactly the same.

  2. We have a Greenies addiction here. Two in the morning and two at night to make their canned food snack ala Greenies. In fact, they make the soft pill pocket version that we dope up Angus with.

    This is a very nice photo of Toob Socks Eliot. The lighting is great and he is off enough to the side to allow us to see more of his world.

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