Beets from the farmers’ market……Edible…


16 thoughts on “Edible

    • I would prefer that they were radishes. I assumed they were beets – you probably can’t tell from the picture, but they were pretty large. Larger than any radishes I’ve ever seen.

  1. It’s a pretty picture, full of color and randomness, but edible? Beets are my mustard, my achilles heel. Oh how I hate beets. You know what would be the ultimate hate? Having to water beets!

  2. Those are the cleanest beets I have ever seen. Saying that I say this, once you try a roasted beet you will never run from beet again. Great shot, with the roots facing all directions I see a high key conversation going on here, lol.

  3. Beets are best as very small baby beets…then they melt in your mouth. But I do think these are radishes especially with the white taproot. Whatever, I love the photo as they are so nice and clean and your edge is great.

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