This mural on a wall in Red Hook depicts a neighborhood which is Thriving. Red Hook is not convenient by subway, which has prevented it from becoming even more popular. However, in the past few years, there has been a lot of renewal in the area – new restaurants, great food trucks on the weekend at the soccer fields and converted warehouses with new businesses. That’s the Statue of Liberty in the upper left corner – you can see it very well from Red Hook.

I also did a Hipstamatic version


10 thoughts on “Thriving

  1. I am drawn to your hipstamatic look that includes the fireplug and trash can, but also like the saturated version with the brick texture.

  2. Nice textured mural. I first liked the top version but I was then drawn to the lower version because it put the size in a context. I’m equally drawn to saturation and desaturation.

  3. The Hipstamatic version is grittier, but I love the bright urban colors of the top version. Maybe try out one of the more saturated lens/film combos in Hipstamatic?

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