A covered bridge screams Rural to me. This one lane bridge is near my mom’s house in Valley Forge, PA.

And from the inside:


15 thoughts on “Rural

  1. It’s interesting to see the arch that supports the bridge deck in contrast with the straight lines supporting the cover.

  2. Great find Gisele, love that second shot! Hope you don’t mind the criticism but they both seem to have a yellow/green color cast, purposeful?

    • Hi Mike – I don’t ever mind feedback. I could play around with the color, but the area is extremely green and lush. To me, this is what it really looks like.

  3. So cool! We stopped at that bridge on our Valley Forge visit in March. I love covered bridges. Unusual to my experience since they don’t exist in Arizona where I grew up.

  4. That bridge is pretty and photogenic too. Some of the covered bridges here have ugly metal structures around the entrances to keep larger vehicles from knocking them down. Necessary, I suppose but not they kind of destroy the aged look.

    I’ve never been happy with shots I’ve taken inside these bridges because of the heavy shade but you did well. Maybe that was done in post-processing?

  5. Something about them–perhaps the fact that they are no longer made–makes them fascinating. I was surprised to find that they used to shovel snow INTO them in the days before cars, because people were driving sleighs in the winter in New England.

  6. Fun to see the inner structure of this great vintage bridge. I’ve seen the famous Madison County bridges in Iowa so it’s fun to see another different design. Nice documentation of the site.

  7. Cool shots. I’m sure people come from far away to see this covered bridge. I think there are covered bridge foamers out there!

    Next time you are in Valley Forge can you check in on my Vanguard accounts? I think they have been sick lately.

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