Extra: My Earthquake Preparedness Kit

I also bought bacon.


15 thoughts on “Extra: My Earthquake Preparedness Kit

    • dinner was BBQ beef ribs, chips and my awesome secret guacamole, and German potato salad with red wine. It’s a beautiful day, so it was nice in the yard. I figure if the earth swallowed me whole now I’d die fat, drunk and happy

      Yes, we got hit pretty hard. I was walking down the street and was really sick for the past week with a virus that made me weak and dizzy….so I felt things moving and thought I was just dizzy, when in reality it was because the earth was shaking. When I got near my house, everybody was out on the street saying that the houses were shaking hard – things moving on the shelves, curtains and chandeliers swaying, etc.

      • Ok, so now the bacon makes perfect sense.

        Glad you are feeling better. Nothing like mother earth messing with your head making you think you had vertigo while she was actually shaking the dickens out of you.

  1. You need more. Lots more! There may be aftershocks for days. That’s why we keep a healthy wine cabinet, for the, um, earthquake possibilities. Yes, that’s why.

  2. I was watching CNN and saw the earthquake reports, hope everything calms down for you over there, I can rest easy knowing that you’ve put together a survival kit, perhaps a container that’s less breakable.

  3. Sounds like comfort food to me. But I, too, would have to add some chocolate. Were your kitties upset with the shaking? or did they sleep through it? I think that the earth shaking would be very disconcerting to say the least. Glad you got through it all OK.

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