Here is the burial site of Henry Chadwick at Green-Wood Cemetery. He is considered the “father of baseball” – having devised many of the rules of the game (including box scorecards, “K” standing for strike, and going extra innings instead of ending in a tie).

His site is cool because it is surrounded by four bases and is visited by many people who leave baseballs in tribute.

Note – the shot below with the four bases is not great from a photography standpoint, but there’s only one way to get all bases in the shot – by climbing on to another gravestone to get enough height to see them all. Shhhhh…..don’t tell.




11 thoughts on “Games

  1. That’s very cool. But if that’s as fast as he can run he’s going to be dead at the plate. (Sorry. Really, I’m very sorry.)

  2. Now that is a unique interpretation of the theme! I am still laughing at BillZ’s comment!

    Actually that is a really cool memorial…and I love the unique camera angle you shot this at!

  3. LOL! I just spilled my coffee all over myself after reading how you got this unique camera angle shot . . . and then Billz reply 🙂

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