Center of Interest

“Meep…meep!” What’s that, you say? Well, it’s Stella Maria’s indication to me that something has captured her interest. I went to the kitchen dreading to see what it was. Ok, these are supposedly good to keep in the house – they kill all kinds of gross things. He can stay (as long as he doesn’t come into the bed). He’s very high up on the wall – once she told me he was there, she went back to sleep.



14 thoughts on “Center of Interest

  1. Being the ‘center’ of interest, would that make it a ‘centerpede’? We’d let it live over here too … they eat all sorts of good stuff and seem to leave the food in the fridge alone.

  2. Nice that the watchcat alerted you to this critter. I always am nervous when I hear that particular “meow” as one never knows what they might have found..and whether it is still alive.

  3. Now I’m going to have to look into this claim of the many legged nasties killing worse nasties. And I probably won’t like knowing there are worse things lurkinga bout!

  4. Toot is our bug expert. I have seen him chase a fly around a room and he acts so proud when he swats one down and eats it. He has never run across a centipede though and I’m not sure how the Prozac Kid would take to it.

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