This sculpture is in front of One Chase Plaza in downtown Manhattan. Some people call it a piece of Contemporary art, others call it a monstrosity. Two shots from inside/underneath and one Instamatic.


15 thoughts on “Contemporary

  1. Interesting artwork. Your first image is my favorite of the three. I did appreciate seeing the total sculpture. Our city has a pile of concrete downtown commissioned by a modern artist . . . also not my favorite work of art, but it is a conversation starter.

  2. Your photos make this structure look interesting but I’m not sure I really like it…would reserve final judgment until I could view it in person. Art is art and as always,what turns one person’s crank, doesn’t do anything for the next person.

  3. I am glad you showed a picture of the whole so we know what it looks like, but I really do like the close ups of the design….very interesting sculpture!

  4. I like the interior shots but the whole thing doesn’t much appeal to me. However, anything that sparks conversation and debate in the arts community can’t be a bad thing.

  5. #1 for me. Seeing it and the buildings above help to put it in perspective. The last shot makes me laugh. Our mantra around here concerning art is, “If I can do it it isn’t art.”

    Hope your hurricane kit is more extensive than your earthquake kit.

  6. I actually really like it. And as much as I like seeing the buildings rising in the background, I love the instamatic shot of the whole thing.

    Be safe over the next few days. It’s good knowing you’re stocked up on wine, bacon and stanky cheese.

  7. It looks like it’s mimicking the shape of mushrooms.. hmm. What do you think of the sculpture?

    Either way, the composition on your first two photos is great. I like how you see the contemporary art, in the foreground, then then not so contemporary skyscrapers, followed up by the natural beautiful blue sky in the furthest background. Neat job of mixing the three.

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