Don’t enlarge this photo, because it is out of focus. Why? Because you are not allowed to take photos inside of this store (I was yelled at once before). However, the fromagier (or “master cheese monger”) and I had great rapport and he said “sure, just do it quickly, because it’s not allowed”. So, here you have it. This is the Fairway Market near my house. The cheese is spectacular and their staff knows their stuff. Plus, they will let you sample. We had a good talk about what REAL hurricane provisions should be.

I keep forgetting that I put a piece of really stinky cheese in my fridge. Every time I open the door, I either think “something is dead/rotten in here” or “wow, I really need a shower”. Nope, it’s le fromage. Mmmmm mmmmm.

16 thoughts on “Cheese

  1. Yum ….. the more it stinks the better it is! Good luck to you and your neighbors riding out the storm, I sure hope this guy keeps his electricity!

  2. What a variety of cheese! Stay safe during “Irene”. Cheese, crackers and wine with a side of candles are our storm staples.

  3. Why the secrecy? Are they the Cheese Nazis aka Seinfeld? Looks like a great variety to choose from. If his power goes out and the cheese starts to spoil I wonder how they could tell?

    Hope all bodes well with you in the coming 48 hours. Break into the earthquake kit if necessary!

  4. I would weigh a ton if this shop was in my neighborhood. This would be the second stop when preparing for bad weather! He looks too happy to pose for you, My bet, he is smitten.

    • it’s not his rule – the store doesn’t allow it. Back when I first started this blog the security guard yelled at me when I tried to take photos of their pretty produce display. No idea why.

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