The Letter I

… for Irene. Here is my “hurricane preparedness kit”. A box of wine (because glass can break, right Steven?), stinky cheese, cheese doodles (sorry Bill and Steven, I prefer Jax to Cheetos), rum raisin ice cream (just the lid, because I ate it before the photo), Santeria candles (cheap and they burn for a long time), AA batteries, and my lantern. The lantern runs on AA batteries, electricity or hand crank. It also has a radio. I also have rechargeable AA batteries AND I have an adapter in my car which lets me plug in and charge things with regular electrical plugs. My car is parked directly across from my house and as far away from trees as I could get.

The gummi bears and the chocolate didn’t make it into the shot, but they are in the house.

I’ve lined up a few photos in case power goes out. Hopefully once they are in “WordPress Land” they will post as scheduled.

14 thoughts on “The Letter I

  1. Good luck with Irene Gisele. It looks like you’re well prepared, although the date on the cheese makes me think you’ll want to eat that first. On the other hand, it’ll just end up tasting better.

  2. I checked the weather channel before stopping by – so far it looks as you are being spared the huge wrath of I -rene.

    You covered all the major food groups in your hurricane preparedness kit – hoping your stinky cheese is gorganzola! Why is just the Haagan Daz lid in the shot? Did you knock that off already?

    Great job on the entire kit the girl scouts would like to schedule you as a guest speaker. Continue staying safe.

  3. If you are willing to invite me to your Irene party I would like to try the Jax, though I need to be convinced they are better than Cheetos. But 10 for $10 is insane! I like the rip off of Dr. Pepper- does Dr. Brown do the job?

    You have all the needed party favors, Gisele. I hope you weren’t troubled too much by the storm.

  4. Looks like you’ve got all the basic food groups covered…and no doubt the saints you chose protected you from power outages.

  5. The only think I would add would be some fruit …I spose wine qualifies though. Since I already know that you didn’t need this…did you devour it anyway to celebrate Irene’s passing without MAJOR problems?

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