Faceless Portrait

I saw this on the sidewalk immediately after the hurricane. Makes me wonder what the story is. Since it is a mask without a face, I think it qualifies as a “Faceless Portrait”.

And and Instagram version:


13 thoughts on “Faceless Portrait

  1. Could it be a looter was finished with his disguise and decided to lose it, a dark thought I know but sometimes these disasters bring out the worst in some people.

  2. I think Jackie might be right, unfortunately. On the other hand, it could just have flown away from somebody’s garden after a party, who knows. Great capture anyway.

  3. It’s the spirit of all the people without power, I can tell you I certainly felt that way! I like the Instagram version. the face stands out better and it’s just got an edgier, almost surrel aspect to it.

  4. It’s Paul Ryan, the budget Munster!

    Actually, that is a cool mask. Halloween isn’t too far away, so did you take it?

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