I saw a little girl wearing these at the parade. They reminded me of “The Wizard of Oz”. When I was a kid (pre-VCR/TiVo/DVR days), I would INSIST that we watch the movie every year. I remember my parents taking me out to dinner and me rushing everybody through the meal because “it’s going to start before we get home!!!!! C’mon!!!”

The Wizard of Oz will likely make another appearance on my blog later in the year, but until then, I leave you with this:

10 thoughts on “Childhood

  1. I bet that parade attendee was very proud of her ruby red slippers! And, oh yes, I remember those days when Wizard of Oz was on TV just once per year. Interesting how things have changed.

  2. Just click your heels together 3 times…I love that movie! And you found the perfect ruby red slippers. I bet the little girl wearing them was very proud!

  3. I saw a pair of Ruby Slippers at the Smithsonian and was entranced. I too recall seeing it on TV, once a year, usually in March. I also remember sleeping in my parent’s bed following the viewing. Still one of my favorite all time movies.

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