It’s like Grand Central Station around here. Ok, it is Grand Central Station. Can’t decide which one I like. All done w/o a tripod – too many police in there due to threats and I didn’t want any extra attention. It’s legal to shoot in there, but sometimes the police are too amped up during times like these. 


12 thoughts on “Motion

  1. I like the 3rd shot too. I like the lady in the middle in focus and then the blur around her. Great place to take pics when people aren’t as jumpy. Only one security guard in Washington DC told us we couldn’t take pics of the building and it wasn’t even one of the buildings in the center of town!

    • I had a lot of trouble with the light. There are three enormous windows on each side. The side I wanted to shoot from was closed off for an event (probably for fashion week) and I had to shoot straight into the sunlight, and down low under the windows.

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