A couple of updates.


First, if you saw my photos of the protests on Wall Street – here is a video of things starting to get ugly. This weekend, protesters marched from Wall Street up to Union Square. When they got there, they were corralled by the police with netting. At one point (0:50 mark), a police detective (white shirt = higher rank) walked up to the people behind the net and sprayed mace into the face of several unarmed women. Here’s the video . I find this pretty disturbing as the protesters have been pretty peaceful, but the police are getting more and more aggressive trying to shut them down. Over 80 people were arrested over the weekend, many of them with force (Go to YouTube and enter “occupy wall street” and you’ll find many more examples). I feel like we (as a city) are on the edge of boiling over – just like London a few months ago.



On a happier note, all of those cute puppies and their mama pit bull have been adopted. I took photos of the mama (named Gertie), which was used by the shelter on their website and Facebook page. Here she is with a kitten  🙂





7 thoughts on “Extras

  1. Too bad the police are escalating the situation by increasing the force…guess the Wall Street pockets are pretty deep! Glad to hear about the puppies and their Mom. Her eyes are so sweet and soft in the photo here.

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