I saw this collection of 45s at the local flea market. Nice to see somebody cared enough to save this Music. Based on which flea market it was at, I’m assuming it was way overpriced, but I didn’t ask. Processed with Topaz Adjust grunge filter with an onOne frame. 


13 thoughts on “Music

  1. Great processing! The 45’s brought back teen memories of getting the latest tunes and then having to compete with my Dad’s classical music on his stereo. The first purchase I made as a freshman in college was a stereo and the Carole King album.

  2. OMG–I just zapped back in time to the bedroom I shared with my sister on Staten Island. We each had one of those cases. Used to walk up to a store on Manor Road that sold the 45s; we each bought different records so together we had double the music collection.

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