Yesterday morning, I was awoken by the sound of a bird I had never heard before (I’m used to the finches and the cardinals). It was so loud! I went out and found this little guy trying to Fly around the yard. He is obviously somebody’s pet who escaped from the house. His wings were not clipped, which actually made it more dangerous for him to be out – since he didn’t have the strength and muscles to really fly properly. Not knowing anything about birds, I got some rice cakes and water for him to eat, and he kept coming closer. First he landed on the umbrella, and Jackson literally ran in circles around the umbrella, cackling at him. I put the cats back in the house and then he flew onto my head….and my shoulder. I was a bit freaked out, but knew he was friendly. Then I called a friend to come keep an eye on him, and I went to the rescue/shelter (where I have been taking photos lately). Two great people from their team came back to my house with a net. Unfortunately, the first attempt made him fly off into another yard. It took about an hour and a half of the three of us whistling for him and then me coaxing him back with rice cakes (he was starving!). Then he finally came back down into the yard and landed on a chair. I got close enough to feed him by hand and then put my finger out. He started pecking at me, but the shelter people told me he was just “testing me” and he wouldn’t really get me. So, I stayed calm and finally got him on my finger. Then they told me to grab him with two hands because I would only have one chance. SUCCESS! I grabbed him, and one of them swooped in with an open cat carrier and in he went. I felt bad for having to trick him, but now he’s at the shelter where he will be fed and comfortable. I put an ad on Craigs List to see if his owners were looking for him. If nobody comes forward, he will be put up for adoption. I named him Charlie. I’m not really into birds, but he was pretty cute and I kind of miss him. I’ll go visit him soon.



Having a little snack


And an iPhone shot of him in my herbs, and getting a few sips of water.


9 thoughts on “Fly

  1. Birds make great pets if you don’t have cats. I have fond memories of “Pretty Boy,” a very personable parakeet. We all sobbed when he flew out the door and we couldn’t find him.

  2. SO glad you were able to nab him. I don’t think his life would be long in the city, especially with winter closing in. I really hope you’re able to find the person who lost him,

  3. What a pretty bird. Glad that the tricks worked…it was all for his own good. Hope he’ll find his owner unless someone released him because he couldn’t care for him anymore…like the people who dump dogs at the end of a country driveway.

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