I had a fabulous dinner at the famous Peter Luger’s on Tuesday night. It was delicious, as always. Next year they celebrate their 125th anniversary, and they are known for their really Rough staff – waiters who have been there forever, who will roll their eyes if you even ask for a menu (fyi – the proper choices are: tomato and onion salad for 2, porterhouse, creamed spinach and German potatoes. End of story. (note: we had it all except onion rings instead of potatoes. I think I still passed the test)).

Their staff is not as Rough as they’d have you think. This is Terry, the bartender. He’s actually quite nice. Don’t tell him I said so. 


11 thoughts on “Rough

  1. So if you just say you’ll have what everyone else is having you’ll be safe from the eye-rolling roughs who take your order, simple really – are you allowed to specify how long you like your steak to be incinerated? (not much in my case).

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