Last weekend at Green-Wood Cemetery, they opened 12 tombs + the Catacombs to the public as part of “Open House New York”  Several of these tombs had never been opened before (not even by the cemetery staff). Here is the listing of the tombs that were opened, and a few shots of the Interiors. They are fascinating to me. I will try to add some more photos at another time – but the tombs had a lot of people walking in and out and would have been best photographed with a tripod, which just wasn’t feasible due to the space and crowds.


From the Anderson tomb:



Inside the Catacombs:



17 thoughts on “Interior

    • They have the approval of the families – it’s to show people something they don’t usually get to see. Some of the architecture and sculptures are quite unique.Many of them have Tiffany stained glass (Louis Comfort Tiffany is also buried there).

  1. What a great opportunity to see something I usually wonder about when I see these tombs in cemeteries. Thanks for giving us a sample. Was it eerie?

  2. Eerie. I’d loved to have been there. I’s guess that statue was of a young boy who had died. It makes me so grateful that child mortality is not what it used to be.

  3. What a treat! i love the iron chair especially. I love too the concept of the open house city tour. Chicago (and more places?) had a fascinating list of sites open I regret I couldn’t get to them.

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