First – some good news. Little Storm has been adopted! Plus, I took a lot of other pictures which have resulted in more adoptions and inquiries about the animals I photographed. Charlie the bird from my backyard has been adopted, too.

Here are some more pics from the open cemetery tombs.

And a photo I took this spring, so you can see how large it is:


Acea tomb:






11 thoughts on “Extras

    • some of each. Stephen Whitney, for example, was a notorious cheapskate. He would have NEVER built the chapel/tomb he has…it would cost almost $2M in today’s money.

  1. What lovely structures and decor…love the angel statue and that stained glass. They definitely wanted to be remembered to construct these tombs. Glad about the adoptions!

  2. And yahoo for the adoptions! Online photos have boosted adoption rates hugely in lots of shelters, people who find shelters too sad are fine with looking on-line.

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