This Flat billboard in front of a construction site is filled with the the desires of passersby finishing the sentence “Before I die….”


Here’s what one whole side looks like:


If you look closely, you might see one that resonates with you.








12 thoughts on “Flat

  1. This is really pretty cool. Interesting that taggers haven’t come along and defaced it.

    I like that you gave us three views and also how you’ve got a passerby in one of them.

  2. Very thought provoking billboard. I like the three views that allow us to read the board, see the total effect and ponder what we would write if we were there.

  3. I too would like to collect social security. So what might the lady be hiding off to the right? I see the first word but I’m not sure what it is alluding to. 😉

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