City or Town

Occupy Lego Land! I saw this on Friday at Occupy Wall Street and immediately thought of Bill Z. I think “Lego Land” qualifies as a “City or Town”. Another theme crossed off 🙂




16 thoughts on “City or Town

  1. Love the levity in a serious situation.

    Your first shot is really, really fantastic. You shot from a perfect angle and your depth of field is just right – makes the viewer feels they are right there, about to be trampled by the mob.

  2. This is wonderful on so many counts. While the second shot is great at showing the scale and scope, I agree with Julie. That top image is superb!

    It’s good to see the little people are not being forgotten, and I love their peaceful event.

  3. I hope the movement swells in the spring, and are joined by Barbie and Ken. They too are the 99%, though Barbie’s measurements puts her in the 1%.

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