I saw these street vendors on Friday, Cooking sausage (or saw-seege as some New Yorkers say it).

Wasn’t sure if I liked B&W or color better. Color has Adjust “Dramatic” filter and vignette.



15 thoughts on “Cooking

  1. First things first …. YUM!

    Secondly, I like the color better, and I guess I usually do for food shots. Seeing the different reds and greens of the peppers makes for a more interesting image to me.

  2. Color for me. I agree with Bill that food shots benefit from color, as the sausages almost look like cinnamon rolls desaturated. I like the angle you chose here, kind of between the food and the vendor.

  3. NY obviously knows how to do sausages! Color for me too. It’s a terrific capture……especially with the smoke.

    Constructive criticism to follow: The woman on the left causes a distraction for me. I think I’d try a square crop (or maybe 8×10) to get rid of her entirely.

  4. I like the black and white. The black and white really brings out the steam and focuses my eye on the cooking, where the color draws me in to the items in the background. I agree with Julie on the square crop to get rid of the woman.

  5. I’m for the color. Saw-suhge–and the Italian places that cook it–are colorful. The B&W misses out on the red in the curls on the griddle and the peppers hanging over head. As for the woman on the left…you might crop her out; or if her presence is part of the whole ambiance of the place, perhaps a vignette to take her out of center stage without removing her entirely.

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