Meet Gwen. She is a little loudmouth kitty at the shelter. We all found this photo hilarious and they put it on their Facebook page with a “HEY! Adopt me!” message. Did you see the stripes on her arms? She’s adorable.

P.S. Life has kept me extra busy lately, so I haven’t had as much time to comment or play around with my photos as I normally do.


12 thoughts on “Stripes

  1. LOL. That is so cute!! “Say MOUSE” So nice that you do that for the shelter. I was on our local shelter board for 3 years and often think about going and doing their photos for them. I think I’ll do it after I get my surgery if it works. Great job!! You rock!

    • Do it! It’s fun and I know it helps. I don’t try to make masterpiece photos, but the quicker they can get a photo up, the quicker the animal gets adopted. I usually just take a few of face and body (harder than it sounds when they keep moving) and then do simple crops and minor adjustments (like remove gunk from the eyes or saliva from the dogs) and send them back so the photos can go up. The outtakes are often funnier than the ‘official’ photos.

  2. She looks just like one I adopted quite a number of years ago. She jumped on my back when I sat on the floor in the shelter meeting the kittens and wouldn’t let go. I also had to take her totally shy companion who looks similar. They were a real joy to us.

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