If you are looking for some toast for Breakfast, I saw a toaster being given away on the street. 

11 thoughts on “Breakfast

    • you have no idea the stuff that is out on the street around here. It’s both a testament to our spoiled/disposable lifestyles and yet a unique way to recycle. Put it out in front of your house, and it’s a clear indication to somebody that it’s there for the taking….books, appliances, furniture, children’s toys, clothing, etc. ….it all gets picked up and repurposed.

  1. Like the retro feel to this image. And speaking as a professional gleaner, I don’t trust electronics I find on the street, particularly toasters. I once plugged in a retro chrome machine I found tossed and it not only shot sparks but it gave me a jolt when I pulled the plug. I guess there was a reason it was being recycled.

  2. So shiny and red, nice contrast with the sidewalk and your processing
    I got a cool retro looking toaster but it turned out to have come from the crazy cat lady’s house, after turning it on for about half a minute we had to leave everything open for a day.

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