Free Theme – Occupy Miami

Seems like this November day was too cold for these Occupy Wall Streeters. For Bobbie C. – since you’ve left such nice comments about viewing your home city through my eyes. 

10 thoughts on “Free Theme – Occupy Miami

  1. I wonder if Bobbie will be thrilled with this image, I’m sure her memories may be of the simpler times she knew when she grew up there.
    What is the general feeling amongst the non-occupy Wall Streeters about the message they are trying to get across? The occupy Melbourne group were eventually moved on with some fuss…

    • Actually, NYC when she grew up there was much more dangerous and gritty. Guiliani did a lot to clean up the city – some of it good, but much of it displacing people and destroying the character of some neighborhoods.

      The non-occupiers are mixed. I know that the people who work in the area are annoyed by the inconvenience….getting to work means being moved through barricaded areas, having to show ID at checkpoints, etc.

  2. A very interesting duo. One I’m sure FOX (Faux) News would use to epitomize the movement, which is far from the truth. Out here they pepper spray old ladies and pregnant women. Like one sign said, “Enforce the rules of Wall Street like you do Park Rules.”

  3. Well, the dude’s got a good idea there, that’s for sure! Thanks for the dedication….

    NYC has never been a simple place. It’s complex and ungraspable–which I know is not a word but that’s the way NYC is. I have to admit I can’t live there anymore. I need trees and space. But it’s still my home city, and it’s woven into me. When I was very small, I lived on 52nd Street, between 1st and 2nd, in the blue collar Irish neighborhood where my parents grew up. At age 3, we were evicted when they tore down the railroad flats to build apartments for rich people. We moved to Bed-Stuy while my father finished school. The apartment was infested with roaches and the backyard was glass-strewn packed dirt. We spend a year abroad in Pennsylvania, where I turned 6. Then my parents bought a small cape on Staten Island, which is where I spent my school years. To them, to own land was a dream come true, and it was an idyllic place to grow up. I went to college in the Bronx, then returned to Brooklyn for medical school. That was when the Bronx was being burned to the ground. I was away doing a rotation in rural Maine when there was a black-out in the neighborhood where I lived, and riots broke out. When I returned a few weeks later, all the windows in the shoos in the area were shattered and many of the businesses never returned. I never lived in Queens–but I married a guy who did and whose family is still there. So I’ve got an association with all five boroughs!

    I’ve always said that everyone should live in NYC at one point in his or her life–there’s no place on earth like it.

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