The Letter Y

And so, I end this long and interesting year with The Letter Y, for yellow. As in mustard. Mustard which I hate. Hate is too weak a word. However, I figured it was fitting for me to go out with a tribute to my photo challenge friend Steven. He was going to quit a long time ago and I called him names (which I won’t repeat here), which prompted him to stick it out with me.

Thank you to everybody else who has visited my blog throughout the year. I have learned a lot, with still plenty more to learn. I have enjoyed sharing my city and other adventures with you, and have truly enjoyed learning about your lives, your pets, the places you live, etc.

I don’t plan on doing the 366 in 2012, as with a new job (finally) I don’t expect to have nearly as much time as I did in 2011. If I do decide to blog in some other format, I will post here to let you know how to find me.

Happy New Year and best wishes for a good 2012.


13 thoughts on “The Letter Y

  1. Happy New Year, Gisele. I always looked forward to your blog posts and have appreciated your visits to my blog world. Best of luck in the new job, and I hope to see you over at the Village!

  2. You’ve done great, Gisele. I’ve loved the glimpses of your city and getting to know you better. I’ll miss you next year but wish you the very best in your new job. Happy new year?

  3. Ed and I wish you all the best – it’s been fun meeting up in CyberLand — let us know if you decide to post elsewhere. Happy New Year to you and your family.

  4. Congratulations on facing your enemy Gisele! It’s been a treat following along this year and your contributions will be missed.

    Best wishes with the new job, I hope 2012 offers you the best. Stop in and say hi if you’re in the cyberhood.

  5. Going out with a bang here facing all that mustard, lol. Been a blast blogging with you. You could always do the 52 week with us or as you mentioned pop in and let us know what you are up to.
    Happy New Year 🙂

  6. It has been an utter delight to re-explore my home city through your eyes this past. I’m sorry you won’t be blogging again next year. I hope we won’t lose touch altogether (as I also told Steven.) I hope your new job is fulfilling and that the new year is full of promise.

  7. Gisele! I am honored that the word hate and my name is so close together in your last post. I take it as a twisted badge of honor. I know how much mustard means to you so it takes a lot of courage for you to post it. I recall you calling me a “pussy” when I was going to quit, a name I hadn’t heard since grade school. It was the motivator I needed. I also recall how we used to use the private message feature on the Village, and how it wouldn’t let us swear due to the software safeguards. Remember that, having to phonetically spell out the adjectives we needed to trick the machine? 😉

    Been a blast blogging with you and seeing your exciting city and lovely cats. I’ll be in touch with you and should you ever get up the the upper corner of the Left Coast let us know. There is a chair in the living room (with cat hair on it) waiting for you, as well as a bottle of wine with Lisa the Lush on it, that perhaps she might share with you. Happy New Year!

  8. I have really enjoyed following your year of pictures Your sense of humor combined with your incredible images put a smile on my face just about every day! I am sad you are not joining in next year, but plan to watch your blog for any posts! Happy New Year, my friend, wishing you the best in 2012 and with your new job! 🙂

  9. Gisele…I have to say I really enjoyed your tri-state area humor and will miss it this year. I appreciated you showing us your neck of the woods. Say all you want, it has a lot to offer and you showed it well. Remember if your ever in Jersey and want to shoot let me know.

  10. Will miss seeing the wonderful cemetery and city photos that you posted. Best of everything in 2012. I spent too much time in cyberspace last year and so have a list of other things I need to concentrate on this year. Hope to post 52 themes and other photos as I tackle the thousands I need to edit/print for memory books.

  11. I am just catching up and am jealous that you got a vacation after two weeks work and after training in S.F.

    I’ve really enjoyed your photos and the looks at your N.Y.C. I do hope you at least do the photo themes at the forum.

    Wishing you and Stella and Jackson a fantastic 2012 without mustard.

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