Well, I went out and took some photos today. This is the park, and as you can see, it was EMPTY in the middle of the day. I love how the lamps were on during the day. This was probably the prettiest thing I saw today, as I was out in dirty, slushy, slippery snow doing errands. Between walking too much and a few slips in the snow, I got home and my feet were such a mess that I can’t walk. I am in front of the TV with my feet up 😦

I may have to go back to beach shots, even if I can’t go back to the beach just yet.


21 thoughts on “Empty

  1. Well despite the not so pleasant walk, you managed to get a beautiful picture. I love the snow on the trees and the touch of colour from the orange leaves hanging on tightly to the branches. Hang on, winter will be over before you know it and you’ll be out snapping all kinds of spring shots.

    • thank you! They usually only do the main paths, but even some of those haven’t been done. Aside from the crazy amount of snowfall, the sanitation department (responsible for snow) and the Mayor have collectively dropped the ball several times this winter.

  2. This image says so much. Great texture with the foreground tree and highlights with the snow on the branches. The lights set the scene perfectly, drawing the eye to follow the path.

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