Sizzling Hot

Here is what I like to call “The Wall of Heat” at a great specialty market called Kalustyans in NYC’s Little India part of town.

I come here to buy my favorite habanero sauce, which is not sold in many stores. It’s called Marie Sharp’s. If you are ever in Belize, they put this stuff on everything (I haven’t been there, but that’s where this stuff comes from and my friends who have visited told me it’s on every table in every restaurant). I like the one with the white label and the one with the gold label.

I also get a kick out of the names of other brands. “Sudden Death” sounds like fun, no? Not as cool as “Mega Death” maybe….

Or if you don’t want to die, but just want to do some bodily harm, “Rectal Rocket Fuel” might be your poison. Although I do like “Dia de los Muertos”, especially since it comes with its own skeleton.

If you just want some regular spices, check out their house brand spices. If you want it, they probably have it.


13 thoughts on “Sizzling Hot

  1. Some great product photos here. The graphics are really interesting and you’ve documented the establishment very well. That section of spices (like your processing) looks like it’d be fun to shop. How sweet to have such a selection available..even to just browse through!

  2. H

    Would love going to this shop – medium to hot suits my taste.

    Not sure if the bow in the first photo was intensional but I really like the slight distortion!

  3. So many choices! Um, I’ll pass on the Rectal Rocket Fuel and I’ll look for a more mustard based hot sauce. But seriously, how many does one need? I mean, hot is hot and without licking a skillet why would someone want blisters on their tongue?

  4. How do you even begin to make up your mind? I’m a five-star-no-refund person when it comes to heat–but I’m handicapped by a family that thinks two or three chili peppers is a stir fry constitutes “spicy.”

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