The Kentile Floors  sign is considered a Symbol of the Gowanus Canal (which is worthy of several of its own posts). The business was founded in 1898 and stayed until the 1990s. They used asbestos for decades and lawsuits eventually bankrupted them, but the sign remains (thankfully). The sign is over 8 stories high and this photo was taken by me while on the moving F train from my house into Manhattan. You can see the Williamsburgh bank in the lower right corner. The bank was featured earlier in this post.


12 thoughts on “Symbols

  1. Nice photo taken from a moving train. The composition of the large sign in front of the city scape and processing make for an interesting image.

  2. This is such a neat landmark. I hope it stays for a very long time. There’s something about your shot and the processing that seems very respectful…..

  3. Asbestos aside, I really like how this sign dominates the skyline in your image. The older towers in the background really add to the flavor. What’s the building on the far right?

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